Festival & Culture in Nepal

Festival & Culture of Nepal Blog covers all the blogs related to religion, festival, culture, rituals, norms and values of the particular community, cuisines, customs, traditions and impact of all these subjects. Festival & Culture of Nepal blog is a category of blog, published by Shepherd Holidays Pvt Ltd.




Religious activities of Nepal, celebration of different festivals, Different Cultural programs, Ethnic People and their lifestyle, socio-cultural impact in ethnic group or ethnicity in Nepal are also part of this blog named – Festival & Culture of Nepal Blog.

Nepal is home to nearly 29,000,000 people, adherent to their own ethnic groups, religion, and faith. This is a land where various cultures and traditions have thriven in harmony over the centuries and continue to do so till date. No wonder Nepal is also referred to as the Land of Festival. There are hundreds of festivals celebrated every year in Nepal. Usually, festivals are celebrated as per the Nepalese Lunar Calendar set by astrologers. The origin of these festivals dates back centuries and is still celebrated each year with the same enthusiasm as it used to be hundreds of years ago.

Festival & Culture