What Nepal offers the most to the traveler?

As Nepal is unique in itself because of its natural resources, ancient endless culture, religious activities, tradition, and landscapes, so there is no doubt that Nepal is an idol place to be visited once in a life. It offers a chance to explore natural beauties, bio-diversity, landlocked, eye-catching Himalayan views including world’s highest peak Mount Everest, multi-cultural lavishness and different dialects, green hills, world’s highest gorge, worlds highest lake, heritage sites, temples including Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha and many more.


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For those who value experience that is original and dazzles, Nepal is the perfect destination that can stun you on many levels. Nepal is only one country where you can find Asiatic rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Not only the land but also the people of Nepal are amazing and very Kind-hearted. The tradition and hospitality of its various groups are indeed a main part of Nepal which makes it so special. From the remote village to the medieval town, the people of Nepal are always welcoming. So Nepal is an idol Destination for people with different interests because Nepal has everything to offer.

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