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Tibet spans as the world's largest and highest plateau with average heights of over 4,000m. It is cautiously opening up to the western world offering travel seekers a fulfilling authentic experience, which can be adventurous and unpredictable due to the lack of infrastructure which is poor to non-existent, making a simple road trip a complete adventure. (At least we think so). In addition to Buddhist culture, rare wildlife, snow-capped mountains, deep tropical rainforests and open pasture land; Yarlung Tsangbo River, ancient ruins, palaces, monasteries and religious cultural heritage are other interesting features of the land. After centuries of virtual isolation local monasteries are striving to find a place in a country that’s crashing into the twentieth century.

Tibet is the perfect destination to try exotic foods while embarking on a spiritual journey, leaving you feeling internally rejuvenated whilst stepping back in time. For the culture lover’s witness displays of people so optimistic yet so proud of their religion and beliefs, remaining much the same as they did one hundred years ago. The majority of this land rests above 13,000 feet, housing many secrets which present the perfect opportunity to explore the highest Himalayas in the world giving you ultimate thrill of climbing, trekking and other challenging adventurous activities. Despite decades of political turmoil and hardship, the smiling people with great tolerance and openness of heart is what truly makes travelling in Tibet such a profound joy. Come join us on our tour packages to Tibet for the unique enthralling experience with Shepherd Holidays.

Tibet is remote, historic and extraordinary abode of the divine Kailas Mansarovar, with various Buddhist monasteries. It is popularly known to the world as the roof of the world is an exotic high altitude place of pilgrimage. Tibet tour offers fabulous monasteries, awe-inspiring high-altitude walks, splendid views, towering mountains, and a peculiar culture for you to bask under. Tibet has been a special place of pilgrimage

Visiting higher plains of Tibet bring you closer to the magnificent monasteries, chanting monks, and classic meditation retreats. Your Tibet tour trip will take you past the shimmering turquoise lakes, yak pastures; high passes adorned with fluttering prayer flags. Similarly you will hike past the ruins of remote hermitages, with the presence of north faced Everest making it an adventurous. Besides that you will get to observe the chanting of the mantras in temples engulfed under aromas of incense. For those who are aesthetic and adventurous then for them getting blessings of Mount Kailas would be a spiritual encounter for attaining divinity. It is fascinating, inspiring and endlessly photogenic.

Shepherd holidays have best designed itineraries to customize your Tibet overland tours. Join us in this intriguing journey that gives you the feeling of remote vastness, spiritual grace and warm hospitality of colorful people. As you get a chance to make historical memories only once in a lifetime.