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Bhutan is cradled in the deep folds of the Himalayas. Very little has been heard of Bhutan and to most people it is a hidden kingdom shrouded in mystery. It is classed as one of the most exotic destinations in the world today. This kingdom often referred to as the last Shangri-la, a land of outstanding people, remarkable scenery, and natural wonders with proud and vibrant culture, a unique and rare place that few people have the privilege of visiting. Bhutan is bounded by Tibetan regions of China in the north and sweltering plains of India in the south.

Bhutan is also called a mountainous kingdom, is well defined by Last Shangri-La or Land of the Thunder Dragon. The significant features of Bhutan vary from climatic conditions ranging from the sub-tropical to the cold reaches of the almost 25,000 ft of the Tibetan border. Today when almost all parts of the world has seen a surge in tourist numbers, Bhutan has continued to followed a policy of regulated tourism in order to safeguard the country’s natural environment, rich cultural heritage and the unique way of life for its people. Making Bhutan one of the least travelled countries in the world. Come explore and unravel the untouched wonders of Bhutan for yourself. Snow-capped mountains, emerald green landscapes, fascinating wildlife and gentle people all await you. Experience the hospitality of the Bhutan with Shepherd holidays.

Bhutan Tours is a sojourn travel journey of peace and happiness. It is known to the world as the land of the thunder dragon. It is nature’s treasure trove interwoven with age old traditions and culture. A small Himalayan landlocked country located in South Asia has best preserved its rich natural environment and its age old Buddhist culture and way of life. It remained unknown to the world for decades, but now it’s opened its doors for many tourists around the world who make it to Bhutan every year. Amazingly Bhutan is the only country in the world to measure the national happiness and officially record it.

Tour in Bhutan is an excellent holiday destination to unravel the mysteries that lay hidden in this enigmatic land. Bhutan tour travel takes you through the beautiful monasteries and distinctive fortress of Dzong. Besides this if you take a walk around the peaceful streets, you will find the locals clad in their traditional attires that reflect their deep rooted culture. Bhutan is adorned with masterly crafted ancient monasteries, stupas, castle fortresses, thanka arts and few more. For nature lover it is a tranquil bliss with so many hills, hidden valleys, pristine rivers and hamlets to explore and cherish. Beautified by the towering mountains at the backdrop makes Bhutan one of the enticing destination to make memories of a lifetime

Shepherd Holidays has customized Bhutan tour itineraries specifically designed to suit your interest and desires. From hiking to the Tiger’s monastery to the sightseeing tour to the Memorial Chorten Stupa, to the folk heritage museum it has everything to go for. Make Bhutan tour a journey of a lifetime with us as we make way to a country that is pleasant, unique and delightful.

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