Day Hiking in Nepal

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Day hiking in Nepal is for those who can stretch and strain their muscles to explore experience and endeavor the beauty that nature has to offer in Nepal. Hiking in Nepal over the years has attracted tourists giving them a chance to closely observe the uniqueness of the Himalayas, naturally carved terrains, idyllic villages, and lush green forests. Hiking Tours are for those tourists who have limited time with them but want to explore the entire hill valley and important vantage points of busy Kathmandu and serene Pokahara valley.

Hiking in Nepal is perhaps the best way to explore the well paved paths between the tropical dense forests to the green hilltops that fortify Nepal. The sightings of the incredible Himalayan range can be best observed from viewpoints of Nagarkot, Chisapani, Dhulikhel, Kakani, Sarangkot and Daman. It gives you an awesome feel of towering white peaks blended in the shades of green. This is a splendid way to observe nature at its absolute best.

Shepherd Holidays has customized day hike tailor made itineraries that are carefully designed considering your time constraints, and physical abilities. If you are looking for an exciting adventure trail in a short period of time than be with us. We will take you closer to admire and explore the multi-diverse and breathtaking splendors of Nepal singlehandedly.

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