Terms and Conditions

The Booking Condition forms a legal binding contract between the client and Shepherd Holidays for the services provided. It clarifies the details that are included in the trip and those that are not included. You are kindly requested to read it carefully and understand well.  It also makes the refundable and non-refundable costs clear and understood.


Booking & Payment for Nepal & India

To book our packages of Nepal and India, Travellers are requested to deposit non-refundable 25%  payment of total trip cost in advance in per person basis as we need to arrange the accommodation and transportation (Air and Land) Permit Cards etc. in Advance. Your service arrangements will be made in instant after receiving the fund. The Booking deposit is acceptable via wire transfer and online payment. We shall email you with all details of payment procedure which will help you for further. The surcharges of 4% will be added extra in final payment while making your payment thru online services.

Balance amount is payable upon your arrival in Nepal for Nepal trip (during the pre-trip meeting or on arrival day) and for India trip, it should be made minimum 10 days before the trip departure. We also reserve the right to cancel your trip if full payment is not paid on time.

We understand Last minute call means 7 days spare of departure date and can be added in the trip if we have the space available. In addition, for day tour and hiking around major city area can be managed in 2-3 days’ time.


Booking & Payment for Tibet & Bhutan

 For the trip of Tibet and Bhutan, 100% payment is required within 25 days before starting any trip.  The surcharges of 4% will be added extra in final payment while making your payment thru online services.


Payment Method

Once your request for specific trip is confirmed by the company, you are now requested to make the payment for final confirmation. You can choose the mode of payment by online or wire transfer. You also can transfer the fund through Western Union Money Transfer without any difficulty. Further information will be provided through Email transferring the fund via Western Union Money Transfer. 

Note: If your payment is received less than the bill amount because of use of mediator bank or any other reasons; you are kindly requested to pay the short amount upon arriving for the trip.


Last Minute Booking

It’s a great opportunity for the clients who couldn’t book a regular trip. We have made an easy access for them to visit in Nepal just making the payment 24 hours before their departure of the trip. Shepherd Holidays will assist to the traveller to operate the trip in Nepal in any time. Customers are short to hit a call/Whatsapp/Viber at +977 9851226742just or an email at [email protected] or   to secure the last minute booking, subject to available the space to accommodate in regular trips or make a new one!


Cancellation Policy:

Sometimes, unprecendted events might happen like bad weather or natural disasters which is beyond of our control to run the trip as planned, which results the delay of trip program or reschedule of the timetable.

In other hand conditions demand to cancel the trip in the unexpected cases like Religious, and Political strikes, we shall refund your payment with trip cancellation notice. Thus, Shepherd Holidays will not undertake any responsibility in the case of ignorance of the advice of our Guides, Sherpas or any Local people which may result any loss or unexpected incidents.  

i. Cancellation by the clients

if you have done the 100% payment you are liable to receive the refund amount in case of cancellation of the trip. We required a cancellation letter through email and shall refund the amount reducing certain charge as follows.

Days (Before Initial Trip Departure)

Cancellation Charge (%)

Before 10 Days

20 %

Less than 10 Days

40 %

If anyone drops the journey no refund will be granted for the remaining days and same applies for them who do not use any offers/services provided by the company in specific trip.

  ii. Cancellation by a company

The Company reserves the right of cancellation of the trip concerning with the health and safety of the client, Hence we only intent to operate a safe and guaranteed trip. Natural disaster, Flight Cancellation, Strike, War, Bad weather, Government intervention  or any other unwanted situation which is beyond our control push us to cancel the trip, in these cases we advise to change the trip of same value but if you decide not to go for provided option then Shepherd Holidays provides a refund of the trip price with apology.

In case of alternate trip, please be advised that the departure and arrival dates will remain same as it was in the first schedule and other category of the services in accommodation and fly will be same, subject to availability. However, we do not hold the responsibility for any accidental expenses or losses in visas, non-refundable flights or other means of transportation or loss of any amount for other things due to the result of the trip booking.


Trip Amendment

If unwanted situations occur which are our beyond of control such as landslide, bad weather, political strikes, other accidental cases etc. before or after starting of the scheduled trip, in this condition itinerary should be changed in order to avoid further circumstances, we shall advise you in time to amend the trip.

If clients want to amend the trip because of their personal reasons:-

Client should send us a trip amendment email or notification in writing and then we will amend it with best possible options as requested by the client.

If client asks for the booking amendments in 30 days or more prior to the original trip departure date US $ 100/person applies.

If the booking amendment request arrives less than 3o days of the original trip departure date then the amendment prices shall be different as per the availability of the hotels, air tickets and it offcourse goes higher in peak seasons.

To amend the trip within 10 days of the original trip departure date the cost may climb higher or similar of the original trip cost, subject to available the arrangements with other parties like hotels, guest houses, airlines or other various activities of operators.

Note: - Please be noted that new trip price will apply for the amendment in case hotel, airline and service of other party’s prices are changed recently.  

Medical conditions and special requirements

We understand that the clients are physically and mentally fit for the journey which is booked with us. In case of any health issues, clients have to notify us in writing about current physical and mental conditions at the time of booking which may affect fitness in travelling. If clients drop the journey because of their health issues the company will not refund the payment. We suggest selecting a comfortable or easy package to travel with us for elderly persons or persons in pregnancy or with children. The company is not entitled to provide any special facilities unless it has agreed in writing while booking. We always try to include the best suit as per clients requirement and interest including dietary but such requests do not form part of the contract and therefore the company is not liable for not providing special requests.

Travel Insurance

We advise to our clients to understand the natural variety of the Himalayan countries where every hour climate changes in every 3-5 hundreds meters of the distance. Bad weather, flood and landslides are the main reason of the difficulty to travel frequently in this region. We always put our full efforts to down the risk of potential circumstances in any cost; however there is still a chance of  any unwanted incident even the probability is very low. Therefore we advise to cover fully in your insurance policy including  accidents, injury, illness and death medical expenses, along with helicopter rescue and air ambulance where applicable and personal liability. We request to provide an insurance policy copy to our clients, in the course of being unable to provide evidence of insurance policy when company request, the company holds the right to cancel or suspend your participation on a trip or in a certain part of trip with no refund

Flight delays and changes in the itinerary

Due to the bad weather adventure activities in the Mountain and Hill area often unpredictable, so it causes delay in domestic flights. If there is any delay in departing for the tour Shepherd Holidays bears the costs of breakfast and lunch of the clients. However, if fly is delayed in return of the journey the client is responsible to bear all expenses including food and accommodation. If client wish to make an alternative arrangements like helicopter flight to avoid flight delays, all extra costs would be responsibility of clients themselves. In addition, Shepherd Holidays does not accept any responsibility in case of missed international flight due to delay in domestic fly but we would assist to make a possible alternative arrangement.

Paper and document

All necessary documents should be carried out with you in sequence and has to be shown at the time of the request made by the company. In case you cannot submit essential papers and documents for completion of trip formality, we cannot be held accountable.

Visa and passport

For Indian Citizen: -

An Indian citizen is not required to obtain the appropriate visa to enter and stay in Nepal, though you are kindly requested to carry your valid passport for identification and air tickets. We shall assist to obtain Tibet visa up on request in case the travel is up to Tibet.

For Other Nationals:-

All clients must carry a valid passport (valid for at least 6 months beyond the travel completion date) and have to obtain appropriate visas to travel with us. Shepherd Holidays shall not be liable in case of refusal for the entry to the country or places due to lack of correct visa and documentation. For the most of the nationals Nepal visa is available on arrival at the airport in Nepal. For Tibet and Bhutan, the company can make necessary arrangements upon request. In the case of India, the client will have to acquire the Visa from their own home country.

Injuries and evacuation

Shepherd Holidays always care our clients for safe and healthy journey, however if any injury or health conditions suffered during the journey, would not be liable. Hence, hour package cost does not include any personal insurance.

A legal guardian must accompany all travelers under the age of sixteen. Further information about age and suitability has been providing in email correspondence.



Shepherd Holidays offers exceptional discounts during holidays and off seasons and regular discounts on specific products in limited time frame. In addition, we also offer special discount for the group leader of minimum 6 other travellers depending on the quantity of the fellow travellers.

We also offer a special package for the agencies/parties who wants to join us in Nepal tour.


Internship or Volunteer Programs

If any group or person wants to serve to the community as an internship or volunteering programs in Nepal during their holiday or regular course Shepherd Holidays assists with different plans and packages so listed plans and packages in this website for these category shall not be used.  We shall provide the special rates as per requirement and interest of the clients

A Supplement charge

All our holiday trip packages, rooms or tents are based on twin sharing. The Single room supplement charge will be levied to the clients if they do not have another tour participant for sharing accommodation.


Risk & Responsibility

We always try our best to satisfy our clients through better services coordinating all departments. We shall not compromise in any cost to provide best possible luxury services. Our entire team works sincerely to guarantee for your safe and hassle free journey. But uncertain circumstances sometimes lead to change in the schedule or trip, such as natural disaster, landslides which results blockage and sometime government restriction and political strike, cancellation of flight, delay, sickness or accident can affect our trip So in these cases we Shepherd Holidays shall not be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to unavoidable circumstances. Additional costs incurred during this time should be borne by clients, themselves on the spots.  


Responsible Tourism Policy

We have inherated the natural resources gifted by our ancestors and it is our responsibility to keep them alive for generations so Shepherd Holidays believes to grant a direct benefit to the locals through responsible tourism keeping environment clean and being ecofriendly. We always expect from our clients to consider responsible tourism policy.


Impact on the journey

We organize a safe journey with providing possible comfortable, exciting and fun in your travel, however everything may not be same as you are habituated in your country or dreaming comparing with other well developed countries. Himalayan and hilly areas require patience in mind, enthusiasm and little preparation before heading for the trip. Weather is one of the main factors associated directly in the journey which determines the comfort.  


Personal belongings

Our staffs and crew members perform their best in order to keep your belongings safe. Although, in the trip if any loss or damage happens we will not take any responsibility, we advise you to cover all these things in your insurance policy.


Use of Image or Videos

Shepherd Holidays may use the images and videos taken by client or contains of client during the trip without prior notice, however if you don’t want to use them then you should inform us in advance. Else, these will be used for promotion of the trips through different medium of the communication.

we respect the privacy of everyone and the personal information received from the clients during booking will not be indulged for any other purposes than requested for.


Social Responsibility

Shepherd Holidays believes in developing society through Education and Health programs so we contribute from our revenue to the needy people via Ghimire Foundation which runs under founder and CEO of the Shepherd Holidays.