As Everest region is a home of Sherpa ethnic community, Langtang region is a home of Tamang people, one of the major indigenous communities of Nepal. Langtang region is situated in north-central Himalayan area of Bagmati province of Nepal, some 50 Km from Kathmandu valley, the capital city of Nepal.

Langtang Valley Trek is very popular among tourists who like to trek and explore more things in Himalayan region. Langtang Trek is an adventurous venture near the Tibetan border and a remote valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Trek to Langtang provides every trekker to experience the remoteness of the Himalayas. One major difference about the Langtang valley, compared to other Everest and Annapurna region is that, it offers exploring varieties of flora and fauna that is very rare and abundant. Diversified by 14 vegetation and 18 ecosystem types, Boarding with Tibet in North, Langtang hosts Langtang national park, a national conservation park established in 1976 which is home of many wildlife animals including Musk Deer, Red Panda, Himalayan Tahr, Himalayan black- bear, snow leopard, Ghoral and more than 250 species of birds. Colorful rhododendron, oak, alder and maple are some of the most common trees found in the Langtang Valley.

Trekking through the lush forests diversified by rich flora and fauna, the trail gradually ascends to glacier alpine zone, where the mountain Langtang Lirung (7246m) starts to shine with its majestic view.