Our QHSE Policy

Shepherd Holidays is committed to implementing and managing QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment) management system as an essential part of its business that continually improves effectiveness on its all services. Our QHSE Management System, the standard which complies with our employees and customers on every single service at all times during our operation.

We, Shepherd Holidays promote - quality service, safe drive, and flight, providing hygienic food throughout the journey, preventing possible injury, minimizing environmental damage on our all services.

Our QHSE Policy Stands for:

  • Shepherd Holidays team is fully dedicated to delivering complete customer satisfaction. We never compromise our QHSE Policy and its management system. This will be achieved through a focus on quality packages, a well-serviced fleet, quality service in a better price and continuous improvement on each task.
  • Empowering employees to raise QHSE concerns through knowledge sharing, training, and motivation.
  • Regularly reviewing the objectives of QHSE for its improvement.
  • Creating itineraries with complying with QHSE policy concerning health, safety, and environment.
  • We train our employees about Defensive Drive, Hygienic Food, Safe Water, Safe Weather Condition, and apply them in our every trip.
  • Our safety policy aims to support the risk-free adventure activities with proper equipment compliance with the international ISO standards.
  • We have well-experienced ground staffs to avoid potential injury and prevent accidents. In case of any injury due to natural disasters or anything on the trip, they are well trained to use the first aid kit and respond immediately on emergencies in accordance with Shepherd Holidays’ emergency response plan.
  • We promote ecological sustainability in our every activity through waste reduction, reuse and recycling opportunities.
  • We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment through pollution prevention and no harm to the Wildlife, Natural Resources, and Communities where we conduct our tourism business responsibly.
  • We promote partnership and collaboration where QHSE processes and procedures deliver.

Furthermore, we believe in responsible tourism and invest in empowering communities towards their sustainable development.

This QHSE Policy and the Management System shall be communicated openly to every stakeholder and reviewed periodically ensuring it fulfills the requirements of all concern parties. The full version of the QHSE Policy manual will also be made available to other interested parties' open request.

Januka Devkota
Shepherd Holidays CEO