Why Shepherd Holidays?

Commitment- Quality - Value

This is perhaps a million dollar question and a valid one too. When there are hundreds of companies to choose from then why to go for shepherd holidays? The simple reason is that we have all the solutions for your entire trek and travel journeys, you name it we have it. Be it cultural immersion, visit to historical heritage sites, off the beaten track destinations, jungle safari, or water adventure we have it all covered. We take that extra bit of step to ensure that our customers get only the best travel experience with a sense of comfort, safety and fulfillment.

We have years of experience and know the taste of the clients like the back of our hands. Moreover we have always met with our clients’ needs, expectations and no matter what have given them the trip of their choice uncompromisingly. Whatever is your purpose, interest and taste of your adventure trip Shepherd holidays will deliver on all grounds. At the end of the day will help you to extract the best out of this paradisiacal country to the fullest.

Here are 6 good reasons to choose us

We have a team of local Himalayan experts

We employ a number of dedicated hardworking professionals including administration staff, trekking guides, porters and airport representatives. These locals exclusively work for Shepherd holidays adding and contributing in providing the real Nepalese experience.

We provide great value for Money

We never ever employ any kind of middlemen; hence all our trip prices are budget friendly, and competitive as compared to other big companies. As we operate locally our prices therefore are reasonable and affordable.

We take your health and safety matters seriously

For Shepherd Holidays your health and safety matters are of paramount importance. Our entire staff members are well trained and completely insured. Right from your food hygiene, altitude sickness, or any kind of unexpected emergencies situations we are extremely serious and prompt in our actions if need be.

We provide customized, flexible itinerary & price

The customers are our topmost priority, and our entire operations revolve around their tastes and preferences. For our valued customers we have customized and flexible itineraries designed to suit not only their interest, and taste but their valuable time as well. Depending upon the group size, time of travel, the price is set accordingly. The customers can set their preferred set of choices with us and create a trip of a lifetime.

We follow eco-friendly tourism & environmental policy

Shepherd holidays always follow and adhere to the responsible tourism policy. We have initiated various cleanup programs and participated in awareness campaigns to maintain a clean and healthy living environment. Our go green policy ensures minimum of impact to the environment while traveling. 

We have been recommended by repeated travelers

Due to our dedicated commitment, value and the authenticity of our timely programs, we have been recommended by our repeated travelers. We always set high standards, and based upon the quality of our programs we are applauded and is the strong base of our existence as well.