Student Tour in Nepal

Student tour in Nepal is a kind of tour packages especially designed for the students of Primary label to University Students which can be joined by School, High School, University or group of any friends or even it can be joined by few mates. We know the value of money; even it counts more for the students so Shepherd Holidays have made an easy access to them to choose the better option as per the interest of the students. The packages shown in this page are hand-made where price can be varies if a single facility is included or excluded so it’s you, how much you want to make the price as per your interest and wish regarding the pricing so feel very much free to ask us to customize them, we will assist you to cover all your interests within a package within your price limit.

Students are the pillar of the community. They are future of the nation so they must understand the basic knowledge of everything and something serious about community, history, nature, culture along with socio-factors which will lead them to self-adjustment in every community and they can achieve their goal utilizing their these knowledge in every sector of their tenure. Students’ life is the only time which lets them to gain as mush knowledge as they want (provided by parents and Schools). It is believed that people can understand better if they saw directly by their eyes rather reading texts or watching the content in the videos. They are allowed to focus on the particular subject, feel something especial being local, observe in their own style and explore more if they got an opportunity to visit the place. Also, they can comeback healthy with fresh mind after completion of a trip from busy schedule.

Shepherd Holidays proudly announces to those students who wants to join us to explore more of these attractions in a group or solo in their available budget. Please feel free to ask us if you want to customize these trips as per your wish and interest.

Shepherd Holidays clearly advices its clients to select the same package as per the price they want to spend in three categories. Please go to Hot Deals to select one of the suitable packages from Luxury, Standard and Budget basis.