We Shepherd Holidays believe in strong partnership in order to achieve best results. Even, the hospitality sector requires having more than strong partnership between the parties to give better service to the clients. We say ‘the world has become a single village’ because of the development of the IT but it is yet to develop the trust between company and end user. So to deal with this issue; we need to work locally maintaining a quality partnership. It is not only the solution to solve the challenge of ‘trustworthy’ but also the result that happens in a good number if we work as a team.

Shepherd Holidays have an established partnership with different companies around the world, they are:

Trekking and Tour Operators

Adventure sports Operators

Logistic Management Companies

NGO’s and INGO’s who are in travel and tourism field

Volunteer Program Organizers

Schools/Colleges and Universities

Homestay Operators and many other….

We always welcome Partners around the world in this partnership program. Any queries/interest on our partnership program? Please contact us for further.