Best 5 Adventure Activities in Nepal

  • Oct 3, 2019
  • Sanjay Khatri
  • 870

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Adventure Activities in Nepal

Nepal is a multi-diverse treasure trove of mesmerizing natural wonders. From majestic mountain peaks to naturally formed terrains, rock formations, rivers it is a paradise naturally built for adventure sports. It is a beautiful destination that has a lot to offer to its visitors; Every year, thousands of trekkers, both novice and experienced, visit Nepal for amazing treks in the country’s many Himalayan valleys. Here are the top 5 best adventure activities to do in Nepal-

1. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping in Nepal is one of the most thrilling adventures of all. It is for those who thrive on adventures. This adventure is set in the middle of a huge suspension bridge that is situated above the Bhote Koshi River. The swiftly flowing Himalayan River gushes past huge cliffs on either side, letting the jumper fall into the Bhote Koshi River Gorge. The journey to the Bungee site usually starts with a short drive from Kathmandu along the Araniko Highway to the Bhote Koshi Valley.

This bridge was designed by New Zealand’s Consultant. The bridge lies about 160 kilometers over the Bhote Koshi River. This is one place not be missed out if you are looking for a dare devil adventure.

2. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is one of the more extreme adventures that require stealth balance and agility. While attempting the climber has to scale natural or artificially-made rocks up, down and sideways. Nepal's topography of wonderfully laden natural rock formation has made it one of the most sought after destination for rock climbing.

The entire idea of rock climbing is to get to the end-point of a pre-destined route without falling. It is an adventure that requires endurance from its climbers, and a mental toughness. One of the best places in Nepal for rock climbing is at the Nagerjun Hill. It is situated about 3 kilometers from Kathmandu. Nagerjun is a perfect vantage point preferred by the city people of Kathmandu for not only getting the sunrise views but for trying this heart pound adventure.

3. Ultra- Light Flight

If you want to get wings of bird, and take to the skies than Ultra-Light Flight is the one for you. It has gained popularity as an adventure sport in the recent years. It takes place in the Pokhara city, Aerial views from the top is mesmerizing. One can hover around and get the best views of the Pokahara city, the Phewa Lake and also breathtaking glimpses of the Annapurna mountain ranges

Not only the city, but the whole of Pokhara valley can be seen from the small plane that flies over. The duration of the flight varies according to the price; about 15, 30 and 90 minute ultra-light flights are available. The plane rises to about 5000 feet in the sky which in itself is thrilling and extraordinary.

4. Paragliding

Paragliding in Nepal is one of the top notch adventure sports for getting everlasting views of the mountain peaks. Nepal’s majestic Himalayas and its natural bounty is the prime reason for the emergence of this adventure activity. Flying a light-weight foot-launched glider in the air above the valleys presents a view that is spell- binding. Pokhara is one of the most famous paragliding spots in the country. Besides Pokhara, another popular paragliding spot is the vantage point of Sarangkot.

only has that, but paragliding in Nepal also presented fantastic Himalayan sights. The adventure is exceptional, enigmatic and eternal.

5. Zip Flying

It is quick, instant and highly adventurous. Zip Flying in Nepal is a relatively new adventure sport. The Pokahara city of Nepal is an ideal place for Zip flying. It is at a good height, steep, longest and the fastest zip lines in the world. The zip cable is 1.8 kilometers long and the speed of the zip-liner can reach up to 140 kilometers per hour.

Finally all these gravity defying sports in Nepal makes it the mecca of adventure sports in the whole world. Besides that traveling to Nepal is comparatively cheaper the other countries in the world. It is a beautiful country with many natural treasures making it one of the best places to visit at least once in a lifetime.