Coronavirus Covid 19 Cases in Nepal: The Toll Crossed 100,000

  • Oct 9, 2020
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Current Status of Covid 19 Cases in Nepal

The number of people infected by the coronavirus Covid 19 in Nepal has exceeded 100,000. In the last 24 hours, 2059 people have been confirmed to have Covid 19 infections; with this added number the toll has reached 100,676. There were 10 more deaths from the coronavirus in the last 24 hours and the death toll has reached to 600.

As per the Ministry of Health and Population, the number of people recovering from the coronavirus has reached 73,023. In the last 24 hours, 1,680 people have been recovered from the deadly virus. There are 27 thousand 53 cases are still active across the country. Nepal has now climbed on 43rd position of the Coronavirus infection chart published by the worldometers.

In the last 24 hours, 13 thousand 279 PCR tests were done and as of today 1.145 million PCR tests have been done. Seventy five people are being treated on ventilators and 318 are in ICUs across the country. According to the ministry, 4,703 people are in quarantine while 11 thousand 176 are in institutional isolation and 15 thousand 877 people are in home isolation across the country.

Criterion Issued from the Nepal Government for Mountaineering & Hiking

There is a statement released by Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) which reads as following.

According to the TAAN, this criterion has been issued by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation for the tourists coming from abroad for mountaineering or trekking to comply with the following conditions to minimize the transmission of Novel Corona Virus and its possible Covid-19 in Nepal.

Conditions to be followed by tourists coming to Nepal for mountaineering or trekking:

  1. Tourists coming from abroad for mountaineering or trekking must have obtained a Nepali visa before coming to Nepal. However, in case the visa of Nepal is not available in the concerned country or in groups, the tourist group wishing to come to Nepal for mountaineering or trekking can come to Nepal with the prior approval of the travel or trekking agency based in Nepal. Recommendations submitted by the concerned agency for prior approval will be made to the Department of Tourism for mountaineering tourists and to the Department of Immigration through the Nepal Tourism Board for trekking tourists and the concerned agency will be informed of the recommendation.
  2. Article (1) Accordingly, the Department of Immigration will make arrangements to provide visa to the recommended tourists at the relevant immigration point.
  3. When entering Nepal, the tourist has to submit the following documents at the relevant immigration point. 

    Negative PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction: PCR) report not exceeding 72 hours should be submitted

    Visa or prior approval documents obtained for coming to Nepal

    Documents booked for hotels in Nepal to stay in quarantine for at least seven days

    Insured documents worth at least 5 thousand US dollars per person for Corona related purposes.

  4. After entering Nepal, tourists have to stay in the hotel quarantine for a minimum of seven days.
  5. On the fifth day of the hotel quarantine period, PCR will be conducted at his own expense. If the result comes negative then only allowed to go for the trekking or mountaineering.
  6. If the positive result comes as per article 3, the tourist will have to stay in the hotel quarantine until the test reports negative.
  7. Before the trekking or mountaineering team gets permission, at least one hundred thousand Nepali Rupees Corona Virus insurance required.
  8. Health related standards approved by the Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal should be followed for both mountaineering and trekking.
  9. Other conditions and arrangements to be followed by the tourists will be as prescribed by the circulation from Department of Tourism which can be published any time with any changes.




Nepal had  canceled its biggest international event – Visit Nepal 2020, which was organized to promote Nepal and its major tourism attractions. All academic examinations below 10th standard were conducted before academic calendar and other examinations are cancelled. All land boarders with China and India are sealed off but they are not effectively followed & only international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport is partially closed after suspending all regular flights. Few emergency charted flights are rescuing needy ones and carrying emergency stuffs. 


International boarders are opened. International flights, Local transportation are partially operating. Few buses of long routes are operating. Schools and Colleges are still closed and some institutions are focusing on online classes. Few Markets, Offices are in service.

In the meantime, Tilaurakot, the home town of Lord Buddha, to be listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site

Symptoms of Coronavirus



Shortness of Breath

Dry Cough

Officials have understood quarantine is kryptonite and the best measure to bring down Coronavirus. However, remaining in quarantine can be daunting and a bit frustrating as the number of activities and social interactions are limited. But from a positive outlook, this period can be considered as an opportunity to rejuvenate and reinvent oneself. Here are the lists of Things you can do whilst being in quarantine:



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