Covid 19 Coronavirus Cases in Nepal: Toll Crossed 12000

  • Aug 2, 2020
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Latest Update of Covid 19 Corona Virus in Nepal 

Coronavirus Covid 19 cases in Nepal crossed 12000 as the cases are increasing every day and it seems very difficult days are really ahead of Nepalese people as government doesn’t look concerned in to pandemic. Nepal has climbed at 61st position with 12,770 cases surpassing South Korea (12755 cases) and following Algeria (13,270 cases).

USA is leading the chart with 2,637,075 cases till now. Brazil (1,345,250), Russia (634,430), India (549,200) and UK (311,115) are other top 5 countries respectively where more than 250,000 people have been died due to the attack of the deadly virus. 28th death reported today in Nepal where 3013 were returned home after recovery, till today.

Many students especially from City areas are attending online classes and few schools have been started their classes outside Kathmandu valley. Government offices and private sectors along with banks are operating their tasks partially. Groceries are running well but other shops seem ‘Opening’ with zero or low customer appearances as public transportations are yet to run on the roads. Only motorcycles and private cars are being operated with 2 passengers apart from driver. Some restaurants are offering ‘take away’ facilities but maximum restaurants are still closed. Some hotels are being used as quarantine by that returnee from abroad. They have multiple choices with pricing range for staying as different class of hotels are being operated with respective facilities.

Why Coronavirus is spreading in Nepal?

As the toll reached on 5 digit numbers, many people are blaming to the government – Authority just looked on the numbers of worldwide and compared with Nepal which was less than 50 in total. One interesting contrast between well managed country and Nepal: - ‘while South Korea was leading on top 5 on the table; Now South Korea remains in same situation where Nepal climbed up putting behind South Korea!’

Nepal was in normal situation until people started returning home from abroad, especially from India. If proper facility was given to returnee in quarantine camps at boarder and transferred them well after completing 3 weeks; the situation would have been similar as it was in earlier days. But the officials of the authority, they took it very simple and people reached their home without staying in quarantine and no contract tracing could be made during the identification of the cases after half or one month later.

SAARC Covid-19 Emergency Fund had been funded by 8 SAARC nations. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the member countries of SAARC but it doesn’t look cooperative while people were transferring from one country to another, in order to stop the pandemic.

Government did nothing impressive but some ministers and officials become very busy to gain personal financial benefit. Testing Kits, Machines along with PPEs were purchased on expensive rates but many of them are found no use due to poorly functioning or no useable. Still, Kits and PCR machines are not sufficient to test the samples and collection of swab samples halted due to limited numbers of PCR machines. Many youths are protesting in social media and some of them are seen in the streets protesting against the government demanding better facility in quarantine and proper test as Nepalese workers from abroad are still returning home country every day and there seems endless schedule arriving them because of losing jobs.


Nepal had  canceled its biggest international event – Visit Nepal 2020, which was organized to promote Nepal and its major tourism attractions. All academic examinations below 10th standard were conducted before academic calendar and other examinations are cancelled. All land boarders with China and India are sealed off but they are not effectively followed & only international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport is partially closed after suspending all regular flights. Few emergency charted flights are rescuing needy ones and carrying emergency stuffs.

What is Coronavirus and what do we know about it?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is considered to have become an epidemic worldwide. Coronavirus was first identified in the Wuhan state of China. And there has been a lot of information circulating on media regarding the symptoms and prevention measures of the virus. As we now know it now, the virus has transmitted between animals and humans. Some signs to look out for include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. And in more severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and even death.

Few recommendations have been provided to prevent the spread of the virus. They include; regular hand washing, covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, thoroughly cooking meat and eggs, avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

Symptoms of Coronavirus



Shortness of Breath

Dry Cough

Officials have understood quarantine is kryptonite and the best measure to bring down Coronavirus. However, remaining in quarantine can be daunting and a bit frustrating as the number of activities and social interactions are limited. But from a positive outlook, this period can be considered as an opportunity to rejuvenate and reinvent oneself. Here are the lists of Things you can do whilst being in quarantine:



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