Everest Base Camp Trekking Tips for first - timers

  • Jul 13, 2020
  • Sanjay Khatri
  • 859

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Everest Base Camp Trekking Tips for first - timers

The very thought of taking part in an Everest Base Camp trek is a dream cherished by many from all walks of life. We at shepherd holidays have always reaffirmed the fact with confidence that doing the Everest base camp trekking is achievable through mental preparedness and right kind of attitude. If it’s your first time trekking journey, then there might be lot of things running into your minds. Like what to expect, how to prepare and what are the things that should be considered? Considering your anxiety, curiosity, and the things you might look out for, we have tried to answer your questions in short. These are carefully chosen pieces of advices for those making this legacy bound journey.

1. Go at a steady pace keeping ample time in your hand.

An opportunity of such magnitude comes only once in a life of making it to the Everest Base Camp trek so invest your time very wisely. It’s not only the destination so important but other aspects as well. From the moment you touch down in Kathmandu and wander in its bustling streets, to the grandeur of sweeping mountains everything is timeless. The little moments shared with fellow travellers, along with time spent in soaking the cultural diversities on the way is a triumphant moment as much special as reaching the final frontier of Everest base camp.

2. be aware and take good care of your physical well-being.

The Everest Base Camp trekking is undoubtedly an enduring affair that tests your physical abilities, but it’s not to wear you down. Therefore to keep you going acclimatization is vital to avoid any kind of injury or sickness that is a common occurrence while on trek. Therefore we always anticipate and understand the importance of safety and we carefully pace our trek. Everyone’s well-being and comfort is of paramount importance and is monitored carefully. Also considering the fact that high up in the mountains the case of altitude sickness can affect even the healthiest and exceptional of trekkers. if in case such a thing happens it’s always important to let your group know if you feel unwell, which in turn makes the cause easier.

3. Give everyone, and everything, the respect that it deserves.

The Everest base camp journey is a long journey that you will cover with your fellow travellers, guides and porters, and the Sherpa communities on the way. You will be an inseparable part of their extended warm hospitality friendly and positive attitude which should be appreciated and respected. But it isn’t only the people who deserve good treatment, respect and care, remember to be conscientious and humble about the environment that you tread on – it is, after all, what makes this trek so special and deserving.