How Indian citizens can reach Nepal?

  • Jul 13, 2020
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How Indians can reach Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked country located between China and India. All three borders except north is India so some people says Nepal as an India locked country because north borders are very difficult to trade with other countries due to Himalayas. Nepal remains a good friend of India after its establishment as it was with East India Company after concluding the Anglo Nepalese war also known as Gurkha war in a treaty on March 4 1816.

As mentioned above Nepal is very close to India so it is very easy task for Indians to enter Nepal. Here are 3 options for Indians to enter in Nepal.

Air transportation

The air flight has been always easy transportation for Indians to reach Nepal as it takes only few hours to land in Nepal. Regular flights from Delhi, Bangalore & Mumbai reach Kathmandu within around 1.45 Hrs, 3 Hrs & 2.45 Hrs respectively. Nepal Airlines, Indigo and many other connected flights from other countries are being operated from India to Nepal.

Road Transportation

There are 6 major borders to enter Nepal by public/reserved transportation but other small pass stations are also being used by locals for shopping or other personal tasks. Delhi Kathmandu bus service comes to the first choice among travelers if they want to visit Nepal by public road transportation.

Most Indians love to cross Nepal from Sonauli border which is comparatively easy if they are traveling towards major tourist destinations of Nepal like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Muktinath, Annapurna, Everest Etc. This route also connects easily from Delhi to Sonauli border by public transportation. Even there is an option to arrive by train from Delhi to Gorakhpur, then many public and private transportation options are waiting you at Gorakhpur to reach to Sonauli boarder. Once you cross the border, all means of road transportation are ready to pick you to your destinations.

6 Major borders crossing Nepal from India

  1. Banbasa (Ind) – Kanchanpur (Nep)
  2. Rupaidiha (Ind) – Nepalganj (Nep)
  3. Sonauli (Ind) – Bhairahawa (Nep)
  4. Raxaul (Ind) –Birgunj (Nep)
  5. Jogbani (Ind) –Biratnagar (Nep)
  6. Panitanki (Ind) – Kakarbhitta (Nep)

Rail Transportation

A regular passenger & cargo train is being operated from India and Nepal since years. It connects from Raxaul to Sirsiya. However, Jaynagar to Kurtha is going to be connected through passenger train in near future which connects south eastern of Nepal. It especially helps to Indian tourists to visit home land of Sita maiya (believed to be a wife of god Ram as per Hindu myth) Janakpur. Janakpur is one of the pilgrimage, Historic, Medieval, Cultural tourist destinations of Nepal.

Here, I have answered some of the key - 

Frequently Asked Questions by Indians to travel to Nepal.

FAQ of Indians to travel Nepal

Do Indians required visa to enter Nepal?

No, Indian passport holders can easily enter Nepal without visa.

Can Indians travel to Nepal without passport?

Yes, they can easily travel with other documents such as voter ID card or other documents issued by the authority.

Note: these documents should have clear photograph.

Can Indian Vehicles enter Nepal?

Yes, Indian registered vehicles including two wheelers can enter Nepal for a day without payment to nearest places of boarder registering Nepal side for a day pass (Chalan) with mentioning propose of visit.

How long Indian registered vehicle can stay in Nepal?

Indian Registered vehicles can stay Nepal up to 30 days in a calendar year.

If permit required for 2 days or more, they can get the permit by paying fees at the border.

Do Indian allowed to work in Nepal?

Many lakhs of Indians are currently working in Nepal. Government of Nepal has made it mandatory to obtain a work permit but it is yet to be practiced.

Can Indian Citizens start business in Nepal?

Yes, off course they can. Indian citizens are doing business in Nepal since years. It is easy to start business for Indians like Nepalese in Nepal.

I am an Indian Citizen; can I buy a house in Nepal?

Indian citizen can buy a property in Nepal if they are doing some business in Nepal.

Is Nepal a Hindu country?

Nepal is a secular country now but most of the Nepalese are practicing Hinduism. Buddhism is the second largest religious community in Nepal.


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