Nepal is Listed in Forbes' Ten Bucket List Trips For The Next Decade

  • Jul 13, 2020
  • Annushree
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From the Himalayan remote village to medieval town, culture and tradition, adventure and tours, there is much more to explore in Nepal – said by American business magazine Forbes as Nepal is going to celebrate Visit Nepal 2020

The popular American business magazine defines Visit Nepal 2020 tour as a Ten Bucket list Tips For The Next Decade. With the new arrival of 2020  we should give a travel life a knock with the new travel plans and the best bucket for new year is Nepal, says the magazine. Among the six continents and ten countries magazine combined adventure with luxury in selecting the most once-in-a lifetime experience to book in 2020. The list corporate bursting ancient cities and its history with remote by some of the rarest species in the world.

Magazine says, From the jungles of the Amazon to the heights of Mount Everest (renowned adventure destination on planet), Nepal is idol place to take a unique experience. You don’t need to be fearless climber, or even tentative trekker to appreciate Nepal and adventure it offers so there’s is more to Nepal than just backpacking. From luxury hotel to exclusive safari camp in the national parks of Bardia and Chitwan, there’s plenty of things to do in Nepal that doesn’t require travelers to wander into thin air, says magazine. “many of the nation’s high-end attractions are a well-kept secrets, through that’s bound to change soon,” says the magazine, encouraging tourists to visit Nepal while it’s  comparatively less crowded. Magazine describes all the attractions of Nepal from terai to himalayan region. “Locals and sophisticated travellers have known about magnificent destinations such as the Happy House [the favourite retreat of Sir Edmund Hillary in the mountains of Phaplu in the Everest region] and the elegant Karnali Lodge [in the jungles of Bardia] for decades,” says Forbes. “2020 is the year to discover such revelations for yourself”.

According to the World  Economic Forum Nepal is listed in 15th on a list of 140 countries for price competitiveness and Kathmandu also selected in top 10 cities to visit in 2019.



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