Top 4 ways to reach and explore the Everest Base Camp

  • Jul 13, 2020
  • Sanjay Khatri
  • 833

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How to Reach Everest? 

Everest Base Camp trekking has been a dream destination and an ultimate adventure destiny for people all around the world. The very thought of attempting EBC Trek is enticing and exciting and brings lots of questions in mind. Besides that people of all ages try and attempt the Everest Base Camp trekking, but some of them are short on time. Shepherd Holidays understands and values your interest. For which it has designed 4 best ways to make your most cherished dream a reality to see and reach Everest Base Camp. We have multiple options and carefully chosen safe and diverse ways to see and experience the glory and the majesty of the mysterious Mount Everest. We have compiled 4 best ways to explore Mount Everest deemed as under:

Circumnavigate Everest Base Camp by taking to the Mountain flight:

The Mountain flights are perhaps the best option for those who want to experience Mount Everest but have limited time. The tours are operated by few domestic air crafts in Nepal on a daily basis every morning. It takes off form Kathmandu Airport and flies beyond the clouds into the Himalayas including Mountain Everest. From up above you get to get close up views of the fantastic snow clad peaks, from the window seat of your plane. It’s a once in a life time opportunity to encounter the iconic mountain by being on top of it. -

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Hover over the Everest Base camp in a Helicopter

The helicopter tour to the Everest takes you to the most popular vantage point of Kalapattar. The Helicopter perfectly lands on Kalapattar and you are provided sufficient time to get a panoramic views of the Everest and other Himalayan ranges. It’s a tremendously breath taking site to experience and fill it in your eyes and lens it in your cameras for future memories. Once done with observing the Everest till your eyes can see you will return to Syanbuche where you will enjoy your breakfast alongside excellent views of the Everest repeatedly. Next it’s time to say adieu to the Mount Everest and fly back to Kathmandu and home.

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Short Everest Trek from Tengboche

Everest Base Camp trekking as the name suggests is customized for those having limited amount of days. Despite limited time in hand they look forward to complete the entire Everest Base camp trek. short trek to the Everest Base camp takes you as far as Lukla. From Lukla following the trail we move on to the path that leads to Namche and then to Tengboche subsequently. From here you get value for your visit, as the panoramic mountain vistas greet you along with the mighty Mount Everest. You gaze, observe and experience the inexplicable moments that makes this short trek worthy enough and appealing. Finally you will return to Namche and back to Lukla for taking a return flight to Kathmandu.

Everest Base Camp on foot by virtue of Trekking

This is for those who have sufficient time, and want to meticulously observe, and gather the glimpses of the Everest as it comes. One can choose and select a 16day program to reach Everest Base Camp by trekking. If need be it can also be cut short to 14 days Everest Base Camp trekking as per your interest. However the longer days you spent on trekking you get to soak well in the adventure and challenges that this circuit provides, and surprises in every turn you take. You get to experience the diversities of nature, exquisite wild flora and fauna amidst various climatic variations. All these experiences gained will be a one of kind unforgettable memories to be cherished lifelong.

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We are absolutely certain that the all the information revealed will be more than handy for preparing yourself to travel to Nepal. A trip to Nepal is meaningless without making it to the Everest Base camp. As you don’t often plan your holidays, and making it this far be sure that you do not return back home without experiencing the aura, majesty and legacy that Mount Everest holds for you and the generations to follow.