Shree Krishna Janmastami Festival

  • Aug 11, 2020
  • Annushree
  • 1247

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Children are presenting as a Lord Krishna & Radha

Childs are Presenting as Radha & Krishna 


Krishna Astami, Krishna Ashtami or Shree Krishna Janmastami is another festival of Nepal which is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna all over the world. Krishna has been presented as a dark-skinned god, one of the manifestations of Lord Vishnu. There are many Hindu mythology books describing the power and love of Lord Krishna. As per Mahabharat, Krishna was the Charioteer of brave warrior Arjun, he was not only directing the chariot but he was the mentor, tutor and the leader behind the curtain to lead the victory of Pandav against Kaurav. Bhagbat Geeta is a holy book of Hindus, which is a collection of ‘Questions-Answers’ of Arjun and Lord Krishna at battle ground where Lord Krishna teaches the world through Arjun about Life, Karma & Death. This war is presenting as ‘Truth triumphs over untruth’

lord Krishna was born at midnight on the eighth day (Asthami or Astami in Sanskrit/Nepali) of Dark Moon (Krishna Pakshya in Sanskrit/Nepali) of August at Prison of Kansa, as his parents were kept in the prison because Kansa was informed by Rishi, the sage that he is going to be killed by his sister’s 8th son (Lord Krishna). People celebrate the day worshiping lord Krishna, at midnight they chant and dance praying lord Krishna.

Krishna Mandir, patan

Krishna Mandir, Patan Durbar Square 


The crowd of devotees can be seen in every Krishna temples of Nepal to celebrate the birthday of lord Krishna. Krishna Mandir at Patan Durbar Square is the center of attraction in Kathmandu Valley. They celebrate the whole day including night exchanging happiness on marking of arrival of lord Krishna. Many devotees keep them fasting for the day and make offerings to the needy ones around their home and temples.

Small children are presented as a Krishna, painted their faces in School or Home, different styles of pictures of Lord Krishna are carried, Lakhe dance and other traditional songs including Teej songs are chanted and danced accordingly in all over Nepal. Krishna Janmastami also indicates to the people of Teej festival which will be celebrated within 10 days from today.


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