The Mount Everest Fashion Runway - holds Guinness World Record

  • Jul 13, 2020
  • Ankita Pathak
  • 1044

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Mount Everest Fashion Runway was organized on 26 January 2020 supporting Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign, which is the first ever show on the planet that was held in the highest elevation of KalaPathar at the height of 5340m (17515 ft.). The show was a success to hold a new Guinness World Record for the Highest Altitude Fashion Show on Land. Various countries including Singapore, Finland, Italy, Sri Lanka and Nepal had taken a part in the show. 

The event was the first and the highlight event of Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign. The main aim of organizing the show in highest elevation is to prove the world that Nepal can offer everything as per people interest. Also this show provides important information about altitude sickness and climate change. 

Participants of the show and the entire team have taken the experience of trekking on 18th January 2020. The trek begins from Lukla and ends at Kala Patthar. 

According to Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), the stuff used for the show was all natural and organic product of Nepal, which represents the culture of Nepal. The clothes were made of Nepali Pashmina (a fine type of Kashmiri wool), Felt and Yak Wool which is an idol for winter wear. Participants have to use the exclusive Kainite stone jewelry, which was the highlight of the show. All the material used for the show was provided by Kasa style and RB Diamonds. 

Mr. Kedar Bahadur Adhikari-Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, was the chief guest of the show and Officiating CEO of Nepal Tourism Board – Ms Nandini Lahe Thapa, Chairman of RB Diamond Mr. Ramesah Maharjan along with other dignitaries have attend the show. Ms. Nandini Thapa, Ms. Aasdhmi Rana along with Pilot Lt. Col Pratap Bohara as technical witness for the official adjudicator of Guinness World Record.  

As per NTB, “apart from the Guinness World Records title, the entire journey of the models in the Everest Base Camp route is being made as reality show which will be telecasted in MTV USA and Canada during April/May 2020.  This is another strong publicity Nepal would receive internationally for tourism promotion. 

Entire team of the show took pledge not to use any product that causes Climate change and will save up to 8000 liters of water during their journey. The team used cleansta and waterless bath for their daily routine hygiene.”