Thamel- A Buzzing Tourist Area

  • Jul 13, 2020
  • Ankita Pathak
  • 972

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Thamel is the heart of the town as well as center of tourism industry. It is often known as walking street of Nepal. It is located 5.1 km north from Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu. Thamel is specially designed for the tourist attraction near the UNESCO World Heritage site: Kathmandu Durbar Square. Thamel is perfectly blended of various shops, spas, restaurants, bars, clubs and many more. So it is often known as overcrowded area. From adventure sports to bar hopping, Thamel offers everything. Travelers can explore endless ancient culture, tradition, local living standard and cuisine including Mexican, Indian, Chinese and mainly worldwide famous typical Nepali cuisine. As Thamel is considered as walking street and the vehicles on the narrow street makes more crowd, so vehicles has been banned to enter into the Thamel area since 2017. Now it is a vehicle free zone. The street of Thamel is more interesting than anything; you can see some people singing typical Nepali song in the road, some are selling Nepali handicrafts. You can also see various arts and architecture in the walls of traditionally designed buildings and the main thing you can taste typical Nepali food in the road side which gives the taste as it need to taste like. To make a place perfect for tourist destination it needs to have a quality restaurant, well managed and well servicing hotels within a budget, colorful night life, great shopping places and Thamel is perfect for all this. Thamel of Kathmandu is like pre-base camp for the trekkers and mountaineers. Shops of Thamel includes all the required things like trekking equipments to Pashmina and Thanka paintings, so many of the national and international visitors choose Thamel as shopping center.

Thamel is highly famous for the colorful night life because of various pubs, clubs, bars, massage centers and many more. People who had already explored the Thamel of Kathmandu say that, Thamel comes in its real life after the dusk. There is no doubt that Thamel can be the perfect partner to spend vacation because of its beauty and the good vibes its offers.

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