25 things you can do right now while being in a quarantine

  • Jul 13, 2020
  • Shreyaak Kafle
  • 1242

Table of Contents

Don’t let Corona bring you down!

After the official declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic by the WHO, nations all around the world are taking drastic and unprecedented measures to contain the virus. Amidst the global crisis, most of our cities are in lockdown and people are in quarantine in their homes. Although radical steps by nations all around the world, the results are promising. Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, recently celebrated its victory against the virus as no new cases of COVID-19 were recorded for three straight days which in early February was soaring into thousands. Officials have understood quarantine is kryptonite and the best measure to bring down Coronavirus.

However, remaining in quarantine can be daunting and a bit frustrating as the number of activities and social interactions are limited. But from a positive outlook, this period can be considered as an opportunity to rejuvenate and reinvent oneself.

Here are the lists of things you can do whilst being in a quarantine:

  • Health comes first! Exercise regularly and make yourself active. Makeshift gym supplies or DIY hacks can be rewarding for the body and mind. Focus more on cardio and blood pumping exercise. Refer YouTube tutorials to learn about working out at home.
  • Diet is a major priority. Don’t rely on store-bought meals and prepare healthy and nutritious meals at home.
  • Meditation and yoga can help to ease the mental stress and panic caused by the quarantine.
  • Put extra effort on maintaining proper hygiene.
  • Spend time with your family.
  • Make sure to prepare an isolation room in case anyone in the family gets sick.
  • Organize your preparedness supplies.
  • Spend some time with nature. Gardening can be the best option.
  • Start learning the instrument that you wanted to play but never got around it.
  • Read a book.
  • Clean and organize your house.
  • Give time to your hobbies.
  • Write a journal or a diary. This could serve as a well-documented memory to share with future generations about life amidst a pandemic.
  • Repair and fix things around the house.
  • Watch movies and documentaries.
  • Catch up on distant relatives and forgotten friends over the internet. This is the best time to do so.
  • Take a few online courses or get an online certification.
  • Learn to cook. Try different recipes.
  • Binge-watch different series and finally watch that series people always talk about.
  • Introspect and make plans for the future.
  • Take a nap.
  • Be up-to-date with the news and information provided by WHO and avoid fake news circulating over the internet.
  • This can be a difficult time for children as activities are limited. Spend more time with your children, play with them, inspire them to learn new things, give them extra love and let them know this period is just temporary and will go back to normal very soon.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Make plans or to-do list for after the quarantine.

Stay safe and take care :)