Visit Nepal 2020 - Tourism for peace, people & prosperity

  • Jul 13, 2020
  • Sanjay Khatri
  • 1043

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Visit Nepal year 2020 - Tourism for peace, people and prosperity


Nepal is unique, it is diverse, combined by its cultural attractions makes it one of the most incomparable countries in the world. Located between big neighboring countries of China and India, tourism in Nepal could reap advantages and be instrumental in spreading benefits to build peace and prosperity for its people.

In lieu to guide tourism throughout the country in consultation with its industry partner has developed a concept of Nepal tourism vision 2020. Visit Nepal 2020 , 'Lifetime Experiences' and in social media #visitnepal2020 will be launched with the goal of attracting 2 million foreign tourists in to the country yearly.

The primary initiative is to attract huge influx of tourists in to the country in view of creating more employment opportunities in the country. This in turn would be supportive towards the journey of prosperity of the country. The government of Nepal has invested lucrative budget for this enterprising campaign and has forecasted to meet the goal of bringing 2 million tourists in one single calendar year.

Nepal had similar types of event in 1998 and 2011 as well and as “Visit Nepal 1998” and “Nepal Tourism Year 2011” and these campaigns was hugely successful. So, private sectors of tourism of Nepal are hopeful and happy to welcome more tourists and offer many tourism activities to make tourist holidays in Nepal distinctly memorable.

Shepherd Holidays would like to thank to the Government for the organization of these types of realistic events and campaigns of the highest ordeal. We as family would be more than happy to support and join hands for fulfilling the goal of the government. Also we would take this opportunity head on to offer more tourism activities and provide multiple meaningful offers to the travelers from all around the globe.