Shopping in Nepal

  • Jul 13, 2020
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Shopping in Nepal

Normally there are three different opportunities of shopping in Nepal if you have arrived here for visiting propose. The very first one is- if you are here for trekking and you don’t have enough trekking gears; you once arrived, should go for shopping immediately in Kathmandu otherwise you will have very less chance for last minute shopping in other places than Kathmandu.

Please go through this article to confirm whether you have sufficient belongings to complete the trek in Nepal.

The Second one is, you can shop local items while you are trekking or on hiking or tour. The third one is, and most popular shopping in Nepal is after completion of your tour or trekking which is before leaving for departure.

BUT, you have always chance to purchase through online or some other ways even if you are not arrived here physically! : P

The most popular tourist markets are in Kathmandu and Pokhara along with the way you travel or trek or walk or drive through. Normally markets open in Nepal from 7/8 am to 8/9 pm.

What Currencies are accepted in Nepal?

Only Nepali Rupees or 50 & 100 Rupees of Indian Currency are accepted by the vendors if you are purchasing outside of cities but in Tourist areas you can pay them in US Dollar or any other popular currencies for shopping. Also, Money Exchange facility is available in most of the tourist places (City) including banks, so you can ask somebody if they are nearer you for exchanging your currency if you are short of Nepali Rupees.

Central Bank of Nepal also called Rastra Bank in Nepali, publishes new exchange rate every day, you can check the rate online. As of now, permanent exchange rate is based on Indian Currency (INR), which is - INR 100 is equivalent of NPR 160. you may ask someone for the way and distance for exchanging your available currency. For more info, please visit here.

What you can buy in Nepal?


You can have many varieties of handicrafts in Nepal. Some of them are – carved sculpture on wood, brass wares, pottery items, woolen items, Paper items, sitting tools made by grasses and many more. These items show your home very beautiful.


Where can you buy Handicrafts in Nepal?

Most of the places in Nepal, you can buy handicraft items but Thamel and Bhaktapur along with Lakeside Pokhara are center of handicraft business.

How much handicraft items cost in Nepal?

They are depends on the type and raw material and art as well. Normally NPR 200 to NPR 15000 they cost.

Pashmina Shawl

Pashmina Shawls are very popular among tourists, which is one of the famous gifts from Nepal. Pashmina shawls are very soft and warm. There are many varieties of Shawls in Nepali market with different price range.

Where can you buy Pashmina Shawls in Nepal?

There are some factories in or nearby Thamel to buy in a bulk. You can buy in many shops at Thamel or Lakeside Pokhara.

How much Pashmina Shawl costs in Nepal?

Price is depends on its quality, don’t forget to check whether it is 100% Pashmina or mixed one. Watar Pashmina, Cotton and Silk Pashmina and also the type of wool (where it came from & quality along with weigh are other factors), how many play of Shawl s make the difference on pricing. Normally shawls can be purchased from NPR 1000 to NPR2500.

Khukuri or Kukri – The Gurkha Knife

Khukuri or Kukri is very popular among every tourists visit in Nepal with the shape, edge and unique style. Khukuri is a traditional knife which still can be seen being used by typical villagers. It can be used as a weapon or tool as per your requirement and you simply can keep tying in your belt. There are many shops of Khukuri, especially in Thamel.


Where can you buy a Kukri or Khukuri in Nepal?

Everywhere in Nepal, especially on the street ofThamel, a tourist hub in Central Kathmandu.

How Much Khukuri costs you?

The price of Khukuri are varies as per its quality and size. You can buy a Kukri from NPR 350 to NPR 8000.

Singing Bowls

A bowl of metal produces very beautiful sound with vibration if wooden stick is rubbed making like a circle is called a singing bowl. Traditionally these bowls were produced by hand itself but nowadays machine made singing bowls are available more than hand made. It really helps to decrease your stress it is also believed that singing bowls have a healing power.

Where can you buy a singing bowl in Nepal?

Thamel, Swayambhu, Bauddha, Durbarmarga, Bhaktapur, lake side Pokhara

How much singing bowl costs in Nepal?

The price range of singing bowl in Nepal is from NPR 350 to NPR 3000 depends on its make, size and quality.


Traditional Nepali or Indian origin jewelries are available in most of the Jewelry shops in Nepal. Jewelry of animal’s bones and stones can be found along with regular ornaments.

Where can you buy jewelry in Nepal?

Every jewelry shops or stores in Nepal; especially Thamel and old market of Kathmandu – Asan, Lakeside Pokhara

How Much Jewelry costs in Nepal?

The prices are difference with its make, size and quality.


Originally Thankas are introduced by Tibetan Buddhists in Nepal. Buddhist arts, mainly Lord Buddha seems on meditation and other historic personalities and animals are painted in cotton or silk applique. These thanks make your house more beautiful and also it let you recalling those sweet moments spent in Nepal with your family and friends.

Where can you buy Thanka in Nepal?

In the tourist market of Bauddha, Thamel, Tibetan Camps, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, swayambhu, Lakeside Pokhara.

How much Thanka costs in Nepal?

The price of Thanka also depends on its art of work and size. NPR 2000 to NPR 40000 are the pricing range for your reference.

Some Others

There are many shops and markets in Nepal where you can buy local garments. Lokta Paper is a Paper Products made of local trees and grasses with traditional method are available to purchase in village as well as markets in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Chhurpi also called as Durkha is a traditional cheese, similar to ricotta, product of milk in remote Himalayan areas are really worth to keep in your pocket to chew while trekking or doing regular work.

Chhurpi छुर्पी or durkha displayed at Fikkal, Ilam Nepal