Do you accept last minute bookings?

Wondering if we accept last-minute bookings?

At Shepherd Holidays, we make every effort to accommodate spontaneous plans, depending on the availability of essential resources like guides, porters, and accommodation. It's crucial to keep in mind that arranging a trek or tour, whether in Nepal or other countries, involves securing permits, organizing transportation, and booking accommodations. These tasks pose a challenge, especially on short notice, especially during busy trekking seasons.

If you're considering a last-minute booking, follow these steps:

Check Availability:

Get in touch with us about your preferred trek or tour and inquire about the possibility of a last-minute booking. Flexibility with your dates and itinerary might be necessary as options could be limited.

Confirm Details:

Once availability is confirmed, review and finalize the details of the trek or tour. This involves understanding the cost, itinerary, inclusions, and making prompt payments to secure your spot.

Sort Permits and Visas:

Ensure all necessary permits and visas are arranged before your departure. While we can assist in obtaining permits at short notice, it's advisable to discuss and confirm this capability with us in advance.

Arrange Arrival Logistics:

Plan your arrival in Nepal or other countries, including transportation to and from the airport and any accommodations needed before or after your trek or tour.

While we strive to facilitate last-minute bookings, planning your trip well ahead is always recommended. Advanced planning ensures you secure your preferred dates, accommodations, and services. It also provides ample time for physical and mental preparation for your adventure. Moreover, confirming that your travel insurance and required permits are in order before setting off is crucial for a smooth and worry-free journey.


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