Many of us have a dream to see the Himalayas with our own eyes but the time/vacation matters most of us and the dream remains just a dream. For the traveler who wants to see all the top snow-capped mountains through flight we offer Mountain Flight to them. A flight which takes you to the lap of Himalayas and even above them! Isn’t it interesting?

The mountain flight in Nepal is not only of the most popular packages for the traveler who cannot walk to The Himalayas but also it provides an opportunity to see the mountains who have very less time to spend and reach them. Mountain Flight in Nepal provides an opportunity to the traveler to see almost all highest mountains including Mount Everest (8848 m), Mount Kanchenjunga (8584 m), Mount Lhotse (8501 m), Mount Makalu (8475 m), Mount Cho Oyu (8000 m), and many other small peaks and glaciers along with rivers, lakes, jungles, valleys, villages, cities and many more.

We have two packages of mountain flights in Nepal; Mountain Flight in Nepal for Everest and Mountain Flight in Nepal for Annapurna. Both packages can be customized as per your requirement. Please ask us, its free :P

We guaranty you the window seat to capture all scenes by your own eyes and your camera. Due to weather condition the mountain flight is being operated in early in the morning. After the mountain flight trip you will be idle in the day so if you would like to add other activities here are add on trips as well as other day tours. Please feel free to ask us for more information/clarifications and to customize the trips as you wish.