Multi Country Tour in Nepal- Contrasting- Kaleidoscopic - Experience

Did you always carried a dream of visiting contrasting countries at one go? You might be wondering is it possible?

Absolutely yes, Shepherd holidays has customized itinerary best designed to suit your interest.

Multicounty tour is one of the best opportunities for you to visit multiple countries in one single package. Nepal multicounty tour covers the Himalayan nations of Asia that includes Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. Shepherd Holidays has specifically handpicked the countries of India Bhutan and Tibet as all these countries have quite a few similarities. Though similar they are unique in their own way as well. For instance Nepal is known as the land of the Himalayas, whereas Tibet is regarded as the roof of the world and has incredible mountain ranges, Bhutan on the other hand is happens to be the land of Thunderbolt. You can visit or fly to the country of your choice. Tibet can be reached either from Kathmandu or China. Nepal is connecting with flight from major big cities of the world. Similarly Bhutan has flight connection Similarly Bhutan has flight connection with major cities of India, Kathmandu Nepal and Bangkok. There are different visa and permit formalities for all these three countries.

We provide you with the best available accommodations and food throughout your journey. All your air tickets, road transports or hotels expenses are taken care of. You only have to sit back enjoy the thrills and moments that you derive from this tour. Let Shepherd holidays take you on this 4 dimensional journey with experienced friendly crew members. Be on this tour to make memories of a lifetime.