Budget Deal is a Budget offer which is comparatively cheap. In other word, Budget Deals reflects the range of products which are possibly cheapest due to various reasons. We Shepherd Holidays provide the products in different ranges, Budget Deals, Standard Deals and Luxury Deals. Customers can purchase the products as per their interest and wishes.

As the world is divided into classes as per the capacity of buying, we have made our packages suitable for all of them who intend to purchase the packages as per his/her interest in paying and doing the class of activities. We have made them easy to compare not only rates but also the service they get. Prices can be too much different in tourism packages as single extra activity costs the difference. Tourism Industry is the industry of products which just cannot be compared with the title/name of the product and duration like other commodities. We believe customers have found an easy excess in a single platform to get the right product in desired cost. We guarantee, no hidden charge will be charged once we confirm the deal.

Here are the major factors to understand our three different offers in a second:

FactorsBudget DealsStandard DealsLuxury Deals
Hotel/Airport TransfersNormal air conditioned private vehicleStandard air conditioned private vehicleLuxury air conditioned private vehicle
Connection by Drive/FlightConnection by Tourist BusConnection by Tourist Bus/ Private Vehicle/Air FlightAir Flight
HotelNon Star or up to 2 Star Hotels3 Star Hotel4 Star or 5 Star Hotels
Extra FacilityOn requestPartially availableAvailable