Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal

Nepal recently become a secular Country, however Hinduism is the main religion and Buddhism, Sikhism are widely respected or being worshiped by those Hindus. So, all major religions are openly practiced in Nepal which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Culture and lifestyle determined by the respective religion makes typical rituals which are really interested to observe and explore.

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We Shepherd Holidays offer you following pilgrimage tours.

  • Hindu Pilgrimage Tours in Nepal
  • Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal
  • Shikh Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal
  • Buddhist Circuit Tour in Nepal and India
  • Hindu Circuit Tour in Nepal and India
  • Shikh Circuit Tour in Nepal and India
  • Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal and Bhutan

All our tours are hand-made with years of experience in this field; however they still can be customized to meet your particular wish and interest. Please feel free to contact us with details of your requirements.