Responsible Tourism and Shepherd Holidays

The tourism industry is growing in its height as people around the world are changing their culture of spending vacation on –‘visiting’ and Information-Technology has been playing its vital role to minimize the distance in a corner. There is a say ‘using regularly hampers on its quality!’ means, it is very important for our tourism industry to promote Responsible Tourism in order to develop the tourism industry besides keeping the quality of product in same condition. The responsible Tourism basically is to travelling with mind to preserve the nature, culture and heritage places minimizing the impact on their quality.

duty has been given us for the responsible tourism to gift our nature to coming generation in its original status as possible so we Shepherd Holidays want to operate every single trip as responsible as possible. We Shepherd Holidays hire only well educated and trained staffs that are aware of responsible tourism or eco-tourism.

We Shepherd Holidays consider the responsible tourism focusing on following points.

  • Love the nature and preserve the environment
  • Respect the tradition, culture and diversity of communities
  • Hire the local ground staffs if possible
  • See the natural beauty with no touching
  • Manage the waste
  • No use of plastic or less use if it is necessary
  • Bring back the garbage
  • Insurance for Public Liability and ground staffs
  • Corporate social responsibility thru Ghimire Foundation