Mrs. Margaret

05 12th 2023

Challenging My Body, Celebrating My Spirit: A Grandmother's Mountain Dream

At 67, I wasn't sure my legs could carry me to Annapurna Base Camp, but Shepherd Holidays proved age is just a number. Their gradual acclimatization schedule and comfortable teahouse accommodations allowed me to conquer each day with a sense of adventure, not dread. Sure, the climbs were tough, but the camaraderie of my fellow trekkers, the encouragement of our guide (who patiently answered my endless questions!), and the sheer awe-inspiring vistas made every step worthwhile. Reaching Annapurna Base Camp wasn't just a physical feat; it was a celebration of my spirit. Every ache and pain paled in comparison to the feeling of accomplishment, the sense of connection to the majestic mountains, and the deep well of pride at proving to myself that anything is possible. Shepherd Holidays treated me not like a grandmother defying expectations, but like a fellow adventurer embracing the unknown. Their respect for my pace, their genuine warmth, and their unwavering support made this journey a testament to the human spirit, young or old.