Mr. Chris Webber

10 1st 2020

Suffered from Altitude Sickness

I was just fine till Thorang Fedi. However, while we were ascending further to Thorang La pass, I started to feel some dizziness and headache. Our guide suggested me to not go any further. I am amazed about how he was able to figure out my problem, while all of my friends didn't even have the slightest idea. It must be because of his experience, working at very high altitude. So, me and one of the assistant guides returned back to Thorang Fedi, while all of my other group mates continued further to Thorang la Pass. We continued our trip following the next day. In spite of not being able to continue till Thorang La, this trek was one of the best moments of my life. All the jokes and memories we made, breathtaking views, blending with the Thakali Culture and the professionalism and amazing hospitality shown by the staffs of Shepherd holidays, I am definitely coming back again.