Shepherd Holidays is renowned Trekking and Tour operator in Nepal for Standard Holiday Packages along with Luxury packages and Budget packages respectively. Standard Deal covers the standard tour packages in Nepal with price range between Budget and Luxury. 

We Shepherd Holidays provide the products in different ranges, Budget Deals, Standard Deals and Luxury Deals. Customers can purchase the products as per their interest and wishes.

We believe, every person has his/her own wish in order to expense the earned money. The meaning of rich and poor has literally changed in these days if it’s come under tourism industry; where no money or wealthy matters to justify the word – ‘Affordable’ as it depends on travelers’ ‘wish’ and ‘mind set’. The packages cannot be just arbitrated how expensive or cheaper it is unless you calculate and compare exactly on the services you will be granted within the packages.

We have made very easy to compare the rates and services to our customers where they can understand the differences in one short. Our all packages can be customized adding or deleting the attractions as well as services.

Here are the major factors to understand our three different offers in a second:

FactorsBudget DealsStandard DealsLuxury Deals
Hotel/Airport TransfersNormal air conditioned private vehicleStandard air conditioned private vehicleLuxury air conditioned private vehicle
Connection by Drive/FlightConnection by Tourist BusConnection by Tourist Bus/ Private Vehicle/Air FlightAir Flight
HotelNon Star or up to 2 Star Hotels3 Star Hotel4 Star or 5 Star Hotels
Extra FacilityOn requestPartially availableAvailable