Doing extra tour activities before or after the main trip is called Add on Trips. We plan to visit the tourist destinations in the world as per our holiday/vacation. Once our vacation is confirmed, we plan and finalize the trip consulting partner, colleagues, family, friends, tour operating companies and other experts. Sometime we select another package due to various reasons and miss something important and sometime we may have extra time to spend than or together with our friends or family members. In these cases travelers need to have Add on trips after completing or before starting main/major trip.

Shepherd Holidays proudly offers our customers many Add-on trips so they can select one or more depending on their time/schedule to cover/fulfill their time/dreams in best price. If you would like to Add on trips here are best options for you.

You can still customize these trips with other main trips as well. If you have more extra time to spend here in Nepal here are other activities like Day Tours Nepal, Day Hike in Nepal, Trekking in Nepal, Tour in Nepal, Helicopter Tour in Nepal, Sightseeing Tour in Nepal and other adventure activities in Nepal for your perusal.