Tilaurakot: Home Town of Lord Buddha

  • Sep 30, 2020
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Tilaurakot: Home Town of Lord Buddha

Tilaurakot was the home town of Lord Buddha. It is considered as one of the oldest cities in south Asia. It was the capital city of ancient Shakya Kingdom where then the prince Siddharth Gautam, which later became the lord Buddha, grew up and spent his 29 years in the palace. Prince Siddharth Gautam left his home, family as well as his luxurious life and started spiritual journey and finally he got enlightenment and become Lord Buddha.

Tilaurakot is situated in State number 5, Kapilvastu district at southern Nepal, some 310 km from Kathmandu and 27 kilometers west of Lumbini. The distance from Taulihawa is 3 km on north and India boarder is just about 17 km to reach to Tilaurakot. Tilaurakot located on the eastern bank of the Banganga River at elevation of about 90 meters from the sea level.

Tilaurakot was discovered by PC mukherji in 1899 tracing the journey of two Chinese pilgrims following the history, they were visited Tilaurakot in 3rd and 6th centuries AD. Archeologists believe that it was the civic center from 9th century BC to 3rd Century AD. Experts have discovered the palaces, temples, monuments, sculptures, ponds, roads and it has already proved that the place was the capital of Shakya Kingdom and home town of Lord Buddha. Some of the objects found during the excavation are kept in Kapilvastu Museum nearby the Tilaurakot which is being displayed for the visitors.

Ashok Pillar at Tilaurakot

Ashok Pillar at Tilaurakot

There is a Samai Mai Hindu Temple within the ancient walls at Tilaurakot where many devotees come to worship Samai Mai. Many tourists along with Buddhists from all over the world visit Tilaurakot to explore more about the ancient town and witness the first step of the epic journey walked by the Lord Buddha. There is a believe that he left his home and luxurious life when he was 29 years old through the eastern gate and now you can exactly stand at the eastern gate and imagine how he decided and walk to this amazing journey. The gate represents the truth, love, life, happiness and many things which are part of our life. Many people start new life, resolving for new task from this place following Lord Buddha, remarking his spiritual journey.


Getting Tilaurakot from Kathmandu or Lumbini

By Air

You can fly to Bhairahawa from Kathmandu and take a bus/car to reach to Tilaurakot which is just 45 km far from Bhairahawa airport.

By Road

You can take a bus or car to Lumbini and then to Tilaurakot. There is a regular bus service from Kathmandu to Lumbini as well as Lumbini to Tilaurakot. Rickashaw services are there at the site to visit all places and around.


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In the meantime, Archaeological excavation is still going on as of now at Tilaurakot but it has already proved that Tilaurakot was the ancient palace of King Suddhodhana, father of Lord Buddha. Three palaces are already explored by excavation and other palaces are under excavation which will discover more part of the entire city and many more of Art, Architecture, life and the pride of the ancestors. Furthermore, all the concern parties are hoping this final excavation will help getting listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as it was already listed as a UNESCO tentative site in 1996 by the Nepalese government.