Any Questions about Momo cooking class?

Q1: What is a Momo cooking class?

A Momo cooking class is a hands-on culinary experience where participants learn to make traditional Nepali dumplings known as momos. Led by experienced chefs, the class covers the entire process, from preparing the dough to shaping and cooking the momos.

Q2: Who can participate in the Momo cooking class?

The class is designed for individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to cooking enthusiasts. Families, solo travelers, and groups are all welcome to join.

Q3: What will I learn in the class?

Participants will learn the art of making momo dough, preparing various fillings (meat or vegetarian), and mastering the folding and shaping techniques that result in the iconic momo dumplings. The class may also include insights into the cultural significance of momos.

Q4: Do I need any prior cooking experience?

No prior cooking experience is necessary. The class caters to participants with varying levels of expertise, and the chefs provide step-by-step guidance.

Q5: What ingredients are used in momos?

The ingredients typically include flour, water, minced meat (such as buffalo, chicken, or lamb) or vegetables, and a blend of spices. The specific ingredients may vary based on the type of momo being prepared.

Q6: Can I choose the type of momo to make?

Yes, some classes offer flexibility in choosing the type of momo to make, including options for meat or vegetarian fillings. Normally you can ask to the chef while purchasing ingridents before starting the class and you may Inform us in advance for any extra customization options.

Q7: How long is the Momo cooking class?

The duration of the class can vary, but it generally ranges from 2 to 3 hours. This includes hands-on cooking, demonstrations, and enjoying the momos you've prepared.

Q8: Is the class suitable for children?

Yes, our Momo cooking classes are family-friendly and suitable for children.

Q9: Is the cost inclusive of ingredients and equipment?

Yes, the class fee typically includes all necessary ingredients, utensils, and cooking equipment. Participants may also receive a recipe booklet and certificates of participation.

Q10: How do I book a Momo cooking class in Kathmandu?

To book a Momo cooking class, click here or contact us directly. 

Q11: Are dietary restrictions accommodated?

We can accommodate dietary restrictions with advance notice. 

Q12: What should I wear to the cooking class?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for a kitchen environment. Aprons are provided, but you may choose to bring your own.


These FAQs are a general guide, if you have any additional questions regarding Momo Cooking Class in Kathmandu, Nepal. Please feel free to ask us.